Outstanding prices for Outstanding Oven Cleaning Services

1. Choose your oven...

Single oven ~ £45


This great price includes all the racks and shelves plus the cooking tray that originally came with the oven.

Double oven ~ £60


Even though it's almost double the work, we're happy to offer you this low price to keep your costs down!

Range oven ~ £90


For this low price, we'll clean the main and secondary oven compartments, the warming drawer and all the racks and shelves.

2. Choose your extras...

Racks & shelves ~ FREE


We carefully take the racks and shelves out of the oven so that we can give every millimetre of them a 360-degree clean and put them back in afterwards looking brand spanking new!

Cooking tray ~ FREE


Most ovens come with a cooking tray, and we are happy to include that in the price of your oven clean. If you have other trays you'd like us to clean, that are made of the same material, we'll give them a good going over for an additional £5.

Extractor fan ~ £15


We'll dismantle the parts of your extractor fan that can be dismantled and soak these in hot water before carefully removing the built-up of oil and dust, and then we'll give it a thorough wipe and polish. You'll be able to see your reflection while you cook!

Gas hob (x4) ~ £15


A gas hob can be the most fiddly thing in the world to clean - but we love it! We'll give our careful attention to every piece of it and make it look shiny and lovely again.

Electric hob (x4) ~ £10


With our tools and expertise, we can remove any build-up from your electric hob, and get it back to working at 100%.

Microwave oven ~ £10


While we're there, why not give your other faithful cooking appliance some TLC...?

3. Add the numbers together and book your oven clean!

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